Why we’re different

Really Simple Hosting is just that – as simple as it gets.

This doesn’t mean we compromise on quality though, quite the opposite. Our servers are fast, secure and flexible to meet your needs as they change.

We just realise that there are a lot of people out there who need webhosting, but either don’t have the time – or the interest – to administer control panels, settings, maintenance and monitoring. We thought, if we could do all this for you for a competitive price, you could get on with what you’re good at.

So – pay one yearly fee, with no hidden costs or setup fees, and we’ll do the rest. Need a database? Drop us a line. Need another email account? Send us a quick email and we’ll reply in an hour or so with the details you need. Nothing more, nothing less – and no technical jargon.

Really Simple Hosting – Web hosting for real people.

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