Why choose Really Simple Hosting?

We’re not the cheapest

Sure, you can get hosting for pence if you really want to. But there’s a saying in life – you get what you pay for. If your website is important enough to put on the internet, it’s important enough to spend a little bit extra to get high level security, stability, and scalability. Cheap, flaky hosting with slack support is a poor economy!

We’re not the biggest

We’re very careful who we select as our clients, and we only work with like-minded people. We only take on websites and companies that we feel we can really serve well. Our hosting grows with your website, and our business will grow with yours. Get “big company” products with that “little company” service!

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High quality WordPress, blog, small company and portfolio hosting based in the UK

  • Our default package includes 10GB of webspace – much much more than most of our clients will ever need, but if you happen to look like you’re running out, it’s not a problem – we just add more.
  • Bandwidth is the same as traffic – exactly how much data you can serve to your website visitors. Our simple package includes 100GB a month. A pretty vast amount, and if you’re serving more data than that, your website is a success! We can up this at any time for you.
  • With our default package, you can have up to 100 email boxes, and each one can hold up to 500MB of email at a time. We’d expect you to be drawing mail down to your computer so this limit should never realistically be a problem.
  • Really Simple Hosting are proud to offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee (not including downtime due to scheduled maintenance). If we don’t meet it, you get a full refund.
  • Just email [email protected] and we’ll normally get back to you within the hour. If it’s a complicated or time-consuming request, we’ll give you regular updates.
  • Our Terms & Conditions of hosting are available here.
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